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Commercial Workshop With Carli Silver

Stacia Newcomb

Commercial Workshop with Carli Silver from Sound and Fury

Sound and Fury Creative Studio is one of the top tier national studios when clients are looking for the best talent for their projects. Over the course of my career, I have gotten several auditions through my agents from Sound and Fury and haven't been able to book one yet so when I saw Stacia had Carli as guest I immediately jumped at the chance!

Carli is such a wonderful spirit and so giving with her support and direction. On my second read, I picked a Farmers dog script and did it with a little more southern charm type of approach and the direction Carli gave me was to lean into that more so I gave it my signature hybrid of Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey and it hit the mark! I actually feed my dogs Farmers Dog food and they love it, and Carli said you should mention that personal connection when submitting your audition (if you are able to).

A few other nuggets from the workshop:

  • Our clients typically come to us for grounded authentic and familiar

  • Think of conversational as “Talking with a friend” that you have no pretense with

  • We cast 99.9% nationwide. We listen to every audition. Typically we narrow down about 400 reads to 60

  • Take 1 vs 2 - often times takes aren’t that different - I always want to feel like it’s you. Proximity or urgency are different ways to approach. You should remain the same - it’s the environment or person you’re talking to that changes

  • For a tag - always give 3 takes. We need 3 because there are a million ways you could do it.

  • Tags need to have a clear point of view while not overtaking the spot!

Will continue working on breaking the code to win a job with Sound and Fury and until then, will continue sharpening the skills!

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