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Commercial Workshop

Stacia Newcomb

Commercial Workshop with Doreen Frumkin

Got to read scripts for Casting Director, Doreen Frumkin. She is such a giving and thoughtful individual. I read two scripts 1. American Home Shield that had a nice up and town comedic rhythm. 2. Sam Adams beer commercial. My natural tendency on these are to to my deeper gravel voice, but this read was more matter of fact and knowledgeable. She had me read the final tag line 3 different times (ABC) and those short tag lines are always are a challenge for me and she was very supportive and gave great direction.

Other take aways from the class that Doreen shared and Stacia Newcomb provided these notes.

  • Think of the way that you really do converse with people, try this spot as if you’re in the middle of a conversation rather than the conversation starting at the top of the script.

  • You can do a lead in and edit it out if it help you get that conversational read

  • “I like to hear someone that seems comfortable in their own skin”

  • Ultimately you sounding like you, you being comfortable, you taking direction are your biggest selling points

  • Anything that’s a chance for you to to perform, to get direction, to connect with different casting directors and agents - it’s all going to help do this better


  • People book you off your reel - it needs to sound and feel like you!

  • I am of the belief that a voice reel doesn’t have to be actual spots that you’ve done. I think it has to be a good example of your range.

  • Ideally first spot is a more casual read

  • If you’re working on your reel and you’re unsure - go to Agency website and listen

  • Don’t push it - if you don’t book “sexy” you don’t need a spot that is sexy on your reel.

As a group we also talked about the ups and downs of the VO booth life and how each artist handled it. I shared my story of when I was facing one of those "imposter syndrome" moments and worked with Tom Antonellis and how those coaching sessions led me to creating a "pre-audition" process to remind me to get into a postive mindset before ever entering the booth instead of just hopping in and reading through the audition.

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