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Commercial Workship with Roger Becker

Stacia Newcomb

Commercial Workshop wth Hizzoner Roger Becker

Had the pleasure of participating in a Commercial Workshop with CEO of Access Talent, Roger Becker, affectionately know as "Hizzoner" in the world of Voice Casting. Normally, I would pick a script that was "perfect" for my lower register voice, but I thought I would venture out of my comfort zone for this one and picked one for Planters Nuts that the specs' called for a 20's - 70's Female voice that was able to stretch and go over the top while also playing very real. On my first read, I gave it more of a slower harlequin romance sort narrator of read building to a melodramatic end. Roger did not hold back! He stated it wasn't one he would have picked for my voice, but gave kudos for stretching a bit on it and gave some feedback on the read which was very honest and appreciated. He give direction to do it more of a Noir detective type of approach, which I did and it felt more comfortable that way as well.

A few nuggets from the workshop (there were so many!)

  • Casting Directors can hear the physicality in your voice. Shrug the shoulders, furrow the brows, it comes through in your voice.

  • Be aware of the specs, but don't lock into them too early. If you have a 2nd read, this is where you can add your improv and more of you that may be different from the specs.

  • Bookings are science, audtions are art!

If you ever get the chance to do a workshop with Roger, I would highly recommend it!

Keep any eye out on Stacia's workshop as she always has such great guests providing direction and feedback for you to grow.

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