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Six Minutes or Six Figures

The picture shown is of my daughters and myself when we traveled to Scotland, remember when we could do things like traveling? My wife is a flight attendant, and one of the great benefits is being able to take trips together as a family. These are some of my best memories; when we are simply spending time together, which brings me to the purpose of this post. We were sitting around one night talking about business and the future, since my daughters are now in college, we have discussions about the best career path and of course, being able to provide for themselves and have financial stability. My oldest is the one that out of the blue asked, "Would you rather have six minutes with us or six figures". Of course my reaction was "damn....that's deep".

It did get me to reflect me on the fact that I have spent many years in the obligatory bubble of working hard, gaining more education, doing more, working more...all under the façade of "providing for my family" when in reality, at times, it felt like more of me proving to others and myself I was worth more than how others perceived me and or I saw myself. All at the expense of time with my family. In the movie "Storks" the son is out building a landing pad for his sibling to arrive and the dad, who is much too busy to be involved in such matters, checks in on him. When the dad starts to leave, the son subliminally mutters "fleeting moments, precious memories" which makes the dad stop to ask "what?". Eventually, the dad and son being building a landing contraption and even pull in the equally busy mom. They come to the same realization I did, that while providing for your family is important, time is the only currency that you can only spend once.

I have to say, even though 2020 has had it's share of wicked problems, the one thing I am grateful for is that has allowed me to spend more time at home and be around my family more, which has made for more laughter, more arguing, more talking and more precious moments. I think that is one of the reasons I chose a #voiceover career. It allows me to better balance providing for my family while also being there for my family.

Be wise where you invest your time currency, so that you may see a positive return on that investment.

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